Reflecting on 2017 and wondering how  you can better communicate & educate your customers in 2018 whilst still doing your 'real' work?

It can seem like it's mission impossible

Pull up a stool

Content Camp is going to show you HOW to do it...

I am asked a lot of questions about digital marketing, but the most common one is

How do you do it.

How do you get so much done, write blogs, send newsletters, share content, create graphics and still actually work in your business.

and have a life.

and go to the gym

and raise kids....

The biggest barrier to a successful online business is regular, relevant and riveting content. 

and what's the biggest barrier to making this happen? 

It's not lack of time - it's lack of knowledge

Grab all my secrets and tips in one central location and start creating content that your ideal customers will love.

  • No more missed opportunities for sales because you haven't sent a newsletter, or written a blog post, or scheduled some social media.
  • No more frustration that there is never enough time.
  • No more dissappointment with social media posts that just look 'bla'
  • No more wondering why others seem to be getting your customers.

Access the entire course immediately and spend a day working on your business to free up hours and hours of time that will allow you to work in your business - stress free.

Change how you create content for your business forever. 

Learn how I plan, create & schedule content that you can manage over and over again.

Learn how to create a content plan

  • that frees up your time to do all the other things in your business.
  • that will focus on your business goals and answer your client's questions.
  • that will allow you to educate your customers on all the key parts of your business and introduce them to your offers at regular intervals
  • that focuses on a template driven approach to layout, style and imagery. Cement a beautiful brand story that comes from a focus on a consistent style and not so much 'creativity' (I am NOT a graphic designer either!)
  • that unlocks your ideas and helps you get them onto paper and then online

and not just a stream of instagram quotes

Why join Content Camp?

  • Learn how to schedule and recycle your content like the pros do
  • Be more in control of your work schedule
  • Make the Google Gods happy with relevant content that reaches searching potential clients
  • and Free up your time to put your focus where it needs to be

About your trainer - Leanne O'Sullivan

Leanne has been sharing her knowledge and the power of the web, social media and search optimisation with small businesses like yours for well over a decade. 

An accomplished public speaker, digital strategist and creative thinker, Leanne enjoys empowering people with the skills and knowledge to make their business an online success!

Leanne is a doer, as well as a teacher.

She has done the hard work herself, not outsourced it to someone else, therefore she knows what works and what does not from real experience.

Get your time back and get 2018 heading in the right direction with me

Leanne O'Sullivan

Chief Sherpa, Creator & Founder

Summit School with Leanne O

"Leanne is an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, creative and practical, with a total focus on getting the job done on time, and budget. 

I would highly recommend her (and her team) to anyone considering improving their online presence that wants real results, fast.”

Nikki Hauser

Co-Founder & Director


What people say about working with me

"I would just like to say how fabulous Leanne has been to work with. Her courses have so much information in them - the process is easy - the steps she sets out are achievable, and she is always contactable when you need to ask her those little questions that you just can't seem to fix. I think she is also one of the few people who I manage to last an entire webinar listening to. I love what she does - and with the minefield that can be the process of social media - Leanne makes wading through it all so much easier. Can't recommend her highly enough! ..."

Cari Taylor - With Love by Cari

Stop phaffing around and get down to business. Real conversion business.

Start engaging with people.

Yep - talking to people.

Online, On the phone, or in person.

Automate and Replicate your content so that you can focus on what you do best, Communicate.

Communicate to real people.

For real....with a content marketing plan that actually generates results.

Content Camp starts 19th February 2018

Enjoy Earlybird pricing of $39 until February 5th 2018.